We deliver a complex pack of IT services. Do you need to design and develop a new product/system? New SW? Or possibly advice in the field of cyber safety? Or do you just have an outdated graphics and you need to strengthen your sales? Does the IT in your company work as it should? There is nothing easier than to…


.NET, JAVA, SAP or Database? Do you need GIS or mobile application? We know it all, and it is only the beginning of a long list of modern and older technologies which we manage skillfully.

IT consulting

Consultations in the field of SW design and development, optimization of IT systems, analysis of contemporary IT system's situation, its design and optimization and design of brand new systems and SW programs. Consulting includes counseling, detailed analysis, draft and solution's optimization.

Mobile applications

The development of mobile and portable applications on platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone … Optimization of contemporary applications and development of new applications with the emphasis on output's quality, image detail and first of all – speed and intuitive operation.

IT safety

We offer analysis of your current system, its vulnerability, throughput and data balance. We can notice critical and weak points and suggest a solution which will be bulletproof and economically reasonable. We perform activities, campaigns and trainings directed against industrial espionage and its anticipation and hampering.

Graphic design

We are the top in the field of company graphics, designing your company and personal branding, we are a producer of graphic policy and visualization of your services and products. We can create, design and deliver a company logo, manual design, marketing campaigns or company event graphics…


Professional consulting in the field of SAP. We aim at consulting, license and cost saving policy, programming in ABAP and service delivery in modules: SAP PI, HR, CRM, FI, BW, BC, AM … Code review, EA, Mobile Business Suerfer, SAP Fiori and of course Solution manager.


We work intensively … try our G-Cloud, other highly specialized products are being produced. Thanks to them we make the world better and safer…. Be in touch.

G – Cloud

It is not only a save storage, but your save data administrator.

You will never lose your data, everything is automatically and regularly backed up on our or your HW … 24/7 accessibility, access via notebook, tablet, mobile phone. Maximum reliability and quality in saving data. G-Cloud is not only a document management system, but in connection with a portal solution, you will get a fully-fledged partner for your company, which will ensure smooth data maintenance, interconnection with your company agenda, (non) sending every document, planning holidays, assigning tasks and other optional functions … How does it all work? G-Cloud application creates a central storage, which can be located at us – in our secure data centre or for those of you, who want to have 100% control over it or from any other reason do not want to store the data “out of company”, we are able to configure their own data field where the G-Cloud operates. Who is this product intended for? Small and medium sized businesses, individuals, people maintaining large amount of data, institutions which do not want to lose their data, ISO holders.


We do not stand still, we constantly develop new things, create new procedures, look for innovative ways and for new people to join our team.


GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

  • Consultancy, analysis, implementation, processes and guidelines ..
  • GDPR enters into force: 25.5.2018

New colleagues

We are not a standard company … we do not look for bored and depressed individuals. We do not look for typical white collar worker… stereotype? Do you feel different? Underestimated? Can you not present your true self and work on meaningful tasks and be creative? …. Would you like to? … we look for fellow workers in the fields: JAVA, .Net, SAP, …. Do not look for a tab “Career”, you will not find it… Write: and tell us what can you do and most of all what do you like to do and what makes you the best.


… we are opening a new office: London 2017/2018


Sky is our limit...

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110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město
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Technologická 376/5
708 00 Ostrava-Pustkovec
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Lindengasse 56, Top 18-19


Have you ever played table tennis? Have you tried it with covered eyes? Try it, it is worth it….and if you practice enough, you will be as good as our fellow worker – our man David Hájek…. Long live David, Showdown and Sigma Olomouc … everyone supports ice hockey, even Růžička family :) let's do things in a different way…


Our satisfied clients – some of them smaller, some of them bigger, but all satisfied. Join us and become a satisfied client as well.

About us

What are we not? We are a team which is neither bored or limited by the companies, developers and IT specialists… we like doing interesting projects, being creative, inventive and mainly work hard, create and pull together… we want to see results and added value of our work… we want to leave something for next generations… we want to move Czech Republic forward and be trendy again … we do not want only your satisfaction, but the satisfaction of your clients too – and that is the reason, why you want US….


+420 777 945 459
Na Poříčí 1060/39
110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město
Czech republic
Company Id. No: 050 38 481, Taxpayer Id.No: CZ050 38 481
Geetix company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, enclosure 257353.